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     C hat bots are software programs that interact with people through a live chat widget on your website or messaging apps such as  Whatsapp, Telegram,FacebookMessenger & Skype .   Powered by  Machine learning  and   Artificial intelligence , chatbots are built to ask questions, collect answers, and automatically direct customers, window shoppers, and new customers can get a lot of value out of simply being asked what it is they’re looking for.       C hatbots becoming mainstream, several industries are utilizing them as they offer greater opportunities when it comes to customer engagement. Chat Bot Integration     More than just chatbots, it’s Conversational AI,  Bot integration is possible with multiple platforms as follows. Chatbots are helpful because they help reduce manual intervention and still provide instant solutions to the user. Explore and find about bots with its trail version.  Every business needs are different and we understand that. Our chatbot i